Sinclair International AR Bolt Vise Review

AR bolt vise

AR Bolt Vise

Removing the spring pin from an AR bolt is a tricky job that can easily result in the ejector and spring flying out and getting lost. The Sinclair International AR Bolt Vise holds the bolt assembly securely as you compress the ejector. The pin drops out of a hole in the M-16 bolt vise body and you slowly reduce the pressure on the compression screw and catch the ejector and spring. This makes removal a much easier and less annoying job that only requires two hands. It is just as useful during reassembly and can also be used to hold the bolt while replacing the ejector or gas rings. You can either hold the AR-15 bolt vise in your hands or secure it in a bench vise for added security. The unit’s body is made of aluminum with the screw machined from stainless steel and left in a natural finish.

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You may find this video of the Brownells AR gas piston conversion of interest.


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