Brownells Acraglas Gel Review

Brownells Acraglas Gel

Brownells Acraglas Gel

Brownells Acraglas Gel glass bedding compound is a new nylon epoxy derivative of the original Acraglas glass bedding compound which has a butter smooth texture and mixes with atomized metals for extremet strength.

Brownells’ customers were extremely happy with Acraglas glass bedding compound’s rock solid bedding properties, but some of them wanted an epoxy bedding compound to accurize their rifles which had a butter-smooth consistency for easy application and which would not run or leach out once placed in the stock.  Brownells’ scientits took Acraglas glass bedding and used the latest epoxy techniques to modify it to meet those requirements whilst retaining the amazing accurizing properties of the original Acraglas.

Acraglas Gel incorporates nylon derivatives to yield more “thin strength”, shock resistance and stability between the temperature extremes found in the United States.  Brownells Acraglas Gel has the following properties:

  1. It shrinks even less than Acraglas glass bedding, which only reduces by less than 0.1% as it sets.
  2. A one to one mixing ratio imparts a stable, molecular lattice structure to Acraglas Gel glass bedding that simplifies mixing of small amounts and gives a stable molecular lattice structure that will not crack, craze or sugar out in the way that other one to one epoxies sometimes do.
  3. A slightly longer pot life allows the user more time when bedding.
  4. A longer cure time. Acraglas Gel remains slightly flexible for the first few hours after the epoxy sets. Some of this flexibility is retained when fully cured.
  5. Acraglas Gel readily blends with atomized metals, including aluminium, steel and stainless steel. You can create your own massively strong reinforced epoxy wherever ultimate strength is required. To get the best effect, mix one part metal particles to three parts mixed Acraglas Gel by volume.
  6. Acraglas Gel can be dyed in the same way as Acraglas to match the coloration of your stock. Various colored dyes are available to match different stock colors and camo schemes.

This is a very versatile easy to use product that stays put, barely shrinks at all, has a very stable molecular structure and can be mixed with metal particles for the ultimate versatility.  You do not have to add glass floc to the mixture as the lattice molecular structure of Acraglass Gel glass bedding already provides its characteristics.


Atomized (finely powdered) metals can be combined with Acraglas Gel enhancing both tensile and compression strength and imparting higher impact resistance. You can duplex-bed guns using atomized metal reinforced Acraglas Gel glass bedding where the recoil lug contacts the bedding and standard Acraglas Gel or Acraglas glass bedding for the less stressed areas of the stock. Atomized metals can be added in ratios from 1 part metal to 4 parts mixed bedding , up to 1:1 ratio of metal to bedding mix. Brownells offer five atomized metals:

Aluminium – Very malleable with ­excellent machinability for easy drilling, tapping, shaping

Steel – Gives a full 10% increase in tensile and compression strength over un-reinforced bedding; requires metal working tools for trimming and shaping and is heavier than aluminum.

Stainless steel – All the attributes of steel particles but with a medium gray finish and no fear of rust formation on surface of bedding.

Check the price of Acraglas Gel at Brownells, a name you can trust.

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