Brownells STEEL BED Review

Brownells Steel-Bed Kit

Brownells Steel-Bed glass bedding compound

Brownells STEEL BED is a completely no compromise epoxy and stainless steel bedding and accurizing compound developled specifically for guns. It is the most advanced and toughest stabilizing compound ever developed. STEEL BED glass bedding compound supports your rifle’s action in a sking tight layer of rust free stainless steel embedded in an expoxy resin matrix. STEEL BED contains more stainless steel by weight than epoxy – a full two and a half times as much as competitor products.

Like Acraglas and Acraglas Gel, STEEL BED glass bedding compound shrinks by less than half of one percent as it sets – chemically curing rather than drying out. It absolutely will not compress, fragment or “sugar” even in magnums or powerful semi auto rifles. Custom stock makers rely on it to support the recoil lugs of lightweight fiberglass stocked mountain rifles – the worst case recoil scenario. Military armorers and civilian gunsmiths rely on STEEL BED glass bedding when weapons are to be used in the most gruelling conditions imaginable.

Brownells, a name trusted by generations of American gun enthusiasts and professionals, wanted a product superior to anything else on the market.  They tested Steel Bed in every way possible, sending test samples to armorers, gunsmiths and competitive shooters who tested STEEL BED in every conceivable real-life situation. It never failed, meeting or exceeding every requirement. Group sizes invariably reduced with every gun tested, including semiautos, long range match rifles, bench rest guns and hunting rifles.

STEEL BED’s one shortcoming is it that i’s tough to dye to match wood colors due to its very high stainless steel content.  Brownell had to up their dye specification to get a useable brown and a very good black for synthetic stocks, but it’s often better to simply paint the STEEL BED glass bedding along with the synthetic stock. Another very good workaround on wood stocked rifles is to use STEEL BED for areas where high strength is needed – around the recoil lug for example – but to use Brownell’s easily dyed Acraglas or Acraglas Gel where it will be visible.

Like Acraglas Gel, STEEL BED has been formulated to stay put, wherever it’s applied an not to drip, run or leach out.  It is ultimately tough but very simple to use.  A 1:1 mixing ratio of resin to hardener makes mixing batches of any size very simple.

Check the price of STEEL BED at Brownells, a name you can trust.

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