Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 Extended Bolt Release Review

Phase 5 EBRv2 Extended Bolt Release

Phase 5 EBRv2 Extended Bolt Release

The Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 is a direct, drop-in replacement for the USGI bolt release. It enables you to operate the bolt release (with both on and off functions) with the tip of the trigger finger of the right hand. This extended bolt release greatly simplifies immediate action drills. The EBRv2 AR bolt release takes away the perceived uncertainty of machine screws as an attachment method. It is available in two versions: the EBRv2 to suit AR-15, M-4 and M-16 and the EBRv2/308 for AR-10 type .308 rifles such as the DPMS LR-308 and Remington R-25.

Check the price of the Phase 5 Tactical EBRv2 extended bolt release at Brownells, a name you can trust.

You may find this video of the Brownells .223 broken shell extractor of interest.


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