Adams Arms Piston Conversion Review


Adams Arms piston conversion

Adams Arms piston conversion

The Adams Arms piston conversion is a high quality AR gas piston conversion kit that includes everything necessary to convert an AR to indirect gas operation. Benefits include cleaner and cooler operating meaning that cleaning is much reduced and operating parts last longer. The rifle’s operating parts stay lubed and you can boresnake the rifle and wipe it over after shooting rather than stripping down every time. Felt recoil is also significantly reduced with this AR piston upper kit leading to faster follow up shots. Cycling is smoother thanks to the lack of concussive gas expansion in the action. The Adams gas piston conversion is unique in having three settings rather than two, enabling some flexibility in adjustment as well as a cut off for the use of .22LR conversion kits. The three popular AR lengths are all catered for with a specific model of gas piston conversion.  A dedicated handguard with heat shield is provided with the Adams gas piston. Full installation instructions are provided on DVD. These are very highly regarded units that will give years of reliable service.

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Using .22LR ammunition to train can save you a fortune. Check out this video on the Brownells/CMMG .22LR conversion kit.

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