Magpul MIAD Grip Cores review

Magpul MIAD grip cores

Magpul MIAD grip cores

Magpul MIAD grip cores fit both the MIAD and MOE grips. They enable you to carry a variety of small items on the weapon, ready for instant access. No tools or permanent alterations to either grip are required. In each case the storage is waterproof and rattle-free.

The 123 Battery Core stores two CR123 batteries for laser, light, or red dot sights.

The AA/AAA Battery Core stores AA batteries or, with the included internal spacer installed, two AAA batteries. Cleverly, a reversible rubber cap indicates ‘SPENT’ so that you can keep track of the status of the batteries in the compartment.

The Bolt & Firing Pin Core stores an M-16 bolt, plus a spare firing pin to enable replacement should they fail during a competition, hunt or operation.

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You may find this video of the Yankee Hill Phantom AR flash hider of interest.

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