Rock River National Match Handguard Review

Rock River National Match Handguard

Rock River National Match Handguard

Several manufacturers have addressed the problem of how to keep an AR DCM legal and avoid having a tight sling exerting variable tension on your barrel leading to MPI shift. Rock River took the approach of having a two piece free float tube surrounded by a standard M16A2 handguard with the heat shield removed. You end up with a rifle that is hard to distinguish visually from a standard A2, but which is eligible for competition use.


  • Free-float tube: Steel, parkerized finish
  • Handguards: high-temp injection-molded
  • Length:  13″ (33cm) long.
  • Weight: 16 oz. (454 g)
  • Compatibility: Fits AR-15 with 20″ barrel.

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