Lyman Receiver Sights Review

Lyman Receiver Sights

Lyman Receiver Sights

Lyman manufacture sights enabling accurate sighting with the least possible protrusion from the rifle. Elevation and windage are via audible quarter minute clicks whilst the elevation slide is calibrated in three minute increments for repeatability. A quick release enables you to easily remove the slide from the Lyman Receiver Sight for cleaning etc. whilst an elevation stop screw allows you to regain your zero instantly. Lyman sights are manufactured in a wide range of models for different applications.

  • Model 57 is for round receivers (Remington 700, Winchester 70 and Savage 110 (Model 57WJS), Springfield, Mauser and White system rifles (Model 57SML) and Springfield, Mauser and White system rifles, but fitted with target knobs (Model 57SMET)
  • Model 66 is for flat receivers (models as follows for pre angle eject Winchester 94 (Model 66A), Marlin 336, 1894 and 1895 (Model 66LA) and for the Marlin 39 rimfire (Model 66MC))
  • Model 66 WB, again for flat receivers but fitted with semi-target knobs.
  • Model 90MJT target sight for most rimfire bolt actions.
  • Model #2 tang sight available in specific versions for the Winchester 1886 and 1894, Marlin center fire lever actions and the Uberti 1866 and 1873 rifles.

The 57 and 66 series sights have come in for a lot of criticism from traditionalists for using aluminum construction with some users experiencing loss of zero after bumps, but they are lighter than their steel forbears and steel would have made for a more expensive unit.

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