Matech USGI M4 Rearsight Review

Matech USGI M4 rearsight

Matech USGI M4 rearsight

This Matech rearsight is the current standard issue on M4 carbines and M16A4 rifles of the U.S. Army. It flips up insantly with a flick of your thumb should you require iron sights – for instance if your primary optic fails. The Matech BUIS rearsight was designed in cooperation with engineers at Picatinny Arsenal and the Army tested the unit extensively at both Fort Benning and Aberdeen Proving Ground. Subsequent combat use has proven this flip-up sight to be reliable and effective in producing aimed and area fire out to 600 meters.

The Matech is has range settings for 200, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, and 600 meters, selectable via a lever with a detent locking mechanism. The unit uses a knurled A2-style windage knob with calibrations easily visible to enable the correct values to be entered repeatably. The numbers and calibrations are laser etched and colored white for visibility in low-light conditions. The Matech flip-up rearsight is machined from steel for ultimate ruggedness and to withstand recoil and vibration to retain its zero in combat and in fully automatic fire.

The Matech backsight uses the usual, ultra-rugged locking bar and bolt attachment, clamping to the rearmost slot on any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny or Weaver rail as found on current production AR15 rifles and carbines as well as government issue M4 and M16A4 weapons. The potential for snagging is reduced by rounding off corners and bevelling edges making the sight very unobtrusive when folded down.

The height is exactly correct for any current production flat-top AR-15, M4 or M16 and will enable co-witnessing with most non magnifying sights with mounts of appropriate height, such as the USGI M68 CCO (either Aimpoint CompM2 or CompM4S). Full zeroing instructions are included.

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