Magpul EMAG mags review

Magpul EMAG 30 round AR-15 magazine

Magpul EMAG 30 round AR-15 magazine

Magpul took the the lightweight molded polymer technology of their excellent PMAG 30 round AR magazine and changed the exterior dimensions to meet NATO STANAG 4179. This means the Magpul EMAG 30 round AR-15 magazine is not only compatible with all AR-15/M-16/M-4 etc. weapons, but also with the FNC, AK-4, L-85A2, HK-416, FN SCAR and any other rifle made to STANAG 4179.  To keep the Magpul magazine narrow enough to fit the Magazine wells on rifles made to European specifications, particularly those with longer mag wells like the HK416, the usual Magpul ribbing has been deleted. This also makes it easier to extract the magazine from tight pouches. Couplers are provided to join magazines together. The same sealed, continuous-curve body and self-levelling, self-lubricating anti-tilt follower is used and a MagLEvel window on the side tells you how many rounds you have left. The EMAG has numberic indicators for 5, 15 and 25 rounds molded in and a bright orange marker on the spring to give an instant visual indication 0f ammo level. To keep corrosion at bay, the stainless steel spring of the Magpul mag is treated with a tough MIL-DTL-13924 black oxide finish.  To protect the top round and keep sand and dirt out, a snap-on quick release cover is provided. This also serves to prevent the Magpul magazine lips from stretching in long-term loaded storage. The cover can be snapped over the floorplate when the magazine is required for immediate use, doubling up as a magazine lip gauge and a floorplate removal tool. The floorplate is flared to ease pulling of the magazine from the pouch and removes easily for cleaning. In 2010 the UK Ministry of Defence, keen to reduce the weight British Army soldiers were carrying in Afghanistan, adopted the PMAG as its standard magazine for L85A2, L86A2 and AR-15 derived weapons. It will become standard issue throughout the UK armed forces, replacing the excellent but heavy HK steel magazine.

Browning have the EMAG in the following quantities.

1 X Magpul EMAG 30 round magazine.

10X Magpul 30 round EMAG magazines.

Full disclosure. If you purchase Magpul mags from Brownells I will be paid a small commission. This will help keep this site online and will not affect your purchase price.

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