Amega Ranges M1A Scout Mount Review

Amega M14 scope mount

Amega M14 scout mount

The Amega Ranges M14 Mini Scout Mount bolts to the barrel of an M14 and M1A rifle with USGI barrel contours (will not fit SOCOM 16 or Loaded M1As, or Chinese manufactured barrels). This M14 mount can actually increase the accuracy of the rifle by dampening vibration and allows the use of the M14 rifle’s built in iron sights. Users are reporting great results with these M1A scope mounts that can be used with holographic, red dot or intermediate eye relief ‘scout’ telescopic sights. The Amega Ranges M14 scope mount is made in the USA and can take the Amega bolt-on 45 degree tactical light mounts. The tactical light mounts can also take a small red dot sight to provide a back-up sighting system.

Amega scout M14 scope mount flashlight mount kits

Amega scout M14 scope flashlight mount kits

Amega M14 scout mount with Eotech and flashlight

Amega M14 scout mount with Eotech and flashlight

All in all this is a very versatile and robust M1A scout mount that will take great punishment and provide reliable service. It is ideal for use with USGI M14 stocks and thos by Macmillan and VLTOR for example.

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Full disclosure: If you purchase from Brownells I will receive a small commission. This will help keep this site online and will not affect your purchase price. Thank you.

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