MOR-07 Chassis for Remington 700 Review

MOR-07 chassis

The JP MOR-07 chassis for Remington 700 RH short actions and clones

The MOR-07 chassis system was designed by an experienced long range system who wanted his Remington 700 to have the ergonomics and flexibility of a gas operated semi auto rifle. The JP Enterprises MOR-07 chassis is actually more compact than an AR-15 as the JP MOR-07 stock folds along the left hand side of the action, whereas the AR-15 has to accommodate a recoil buffer. The cheek piece can be vertically adjusted to suit scopes and NV systems mounted at various heights. JP have their own scope mounting system for the MOR-07 chassis, the JPFTSM-30 to facilitate this, mimicking the AR-15 and SR-25s height relative to the bore.  The system includes a target-style palm shelf pistol grip and achieves the most linear recoil impulse of any aftermarket chassis kit or tactical stock, eliminating muzzle climb consequent need to reacquire the target.  However, if you prefer a set-up more like a traditional bolt action rifle, you can lower the cheek piece of the MOR-07 chassis and use the rings you already had for the rifle, saving cost in initial setup and giving you a lot more flexibility.

The JP MOR-07 for Rem 700 folded.

The JP MOR-07 chassis in folded position.

The JP MOR-7 is machined from 6061 T6 aerospace grade aluminum and is hard black anodized to a Mil-Spec process.  The MOR-07 will accept any Remington 700 right hand short action including any other rifle designed to mimic the Remington 700 action, including those manufactured by Surgeon Rifles and Badger Ordnance.

The MOR-07 stock features an extended ambidextrous mag release enabling a mag change to be undertaken entirely with the weak hand.  The buttstock is fully adjustable and QD sling swivel studs for bipods and slings are included.  A facility to mount the Accu-shot monopod is built in to the MOR-07 stock.  Any AI AICS .308 5 shot magazine or AI .308 10 shot magazine can be used (check which your action takes – in .308 AW and AICS magazines are non interchangeable. Surgeon Rifles will make you an action for either.). JP also make their own 10 shot .308 magazine, the JPMOR-07.

MOR-07 alternative tubular forearm

MOR-07 alternative tubular forearm

The MOR-07 chassis comes as standard with a wide, bench-rest style fore-end, but a tubular ventilated one is available as an optional extra.  Studs are included in the standard unit at the six and nine o’clock positions for maximum flexibility. A JP tactical rail can be added to the standard stock to enable the addition of rail mounted bipods etc. and the optional tube fore-end is modular and will accept all the JP tactical rail kits avialable for the JP Modular Handguard System.

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