Troy M14 Stock Review

Troy M1A/M14 modular chassis system tan

Troy M14/M1A Modular Chassis System (Dark Earth)

The Troy M14 stock or Modular Chassis System transforms the M14/M1A rifle or SOCOM 16 into a 21st Century weapon platform with rails at 0. 90, 180 and 270 degrees. The rails have numbered slots to allow easy replacement of items that are removed. Lightening holes ensure rapid barrel cooling. The rigid, two piece upper and lower of this M1A stock are machined from T-6 aluminium and the M14 stock has a tunable bedding block for enhanced accuracy.

Troy Industries M14/M1A Chassis System

Troy Industries M14/M1A Chassis System (Black)

Unlike standard M14 stocks, the line of the stock is slightly above the line of the bore. This eliminates muzzle climb, greatly enhancing the performance of the weapon with ultra-rapid follow-up shots with the M1A rifle. The low profile top rail allows low mounting of optics, much further back toward the eye than simply using a scope mounting adapter, meaning you don’t have to crane your head forward to get ther right eye relief.Co-witnessing is easy as everything is on the same rail.

This M14 stock takes all M16 or AR16 buttstocks and pistol grips for ultimate versatility. It duplicates the ergonomics of the M16 series, uses the existing operating rod and does not affect the way the rifle is field stripped. The M14 Modular Chassis System is available MIL STD Type III hardcoated in matte black or dark earth. It will fit any M16, M1A or SOCOM 16 rifle regardless of barrel contour and requires no gunsmithing to fit.


Troy sell their MCS as a 'Basic M14 M4 package' with a collapsible stock, pistol grip and flip up back up iron sights

The Troy Industries M14/M1A Modular Chassis only is 23 1/2″ (59.7cm) overall length. The rails lengths are 22″ (56 cm) long (top) , 11″ (28 cm) (bottom) and 6 1/2″ (16.5 cm) left and right. These M1A stocks weigh 3.6 pounds.

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