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Surefire Rail Covers Review

Widely regarded as one of, if not the best rail cover on the market. TheĀ Surefire Rail Covers snap onto any unusued section of Picatinny rail. They differ from other “ladder” style rail covers in being more flexible and having a … Continue reading

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Battlecomp Enterprises Battlecomp

The revolutionary Battlecomp Enterprises Battlecomp is a compact compensator that reduces muzzle climb, dust signature and muzzle flash without making life highly unpleasant for you and adjacent shooters at the range. The muzzle climb reduction greatly facilitates rapid aimed fire. … Continue reading

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Pact .308 AR Trigger Review

Designed specifically for the heavier .308 ARs, this self-contained unit is easy to install and results in a predictable, ultra-smooth, clean-breaking, match-grade trigger with a really crisp let-off and a short reset. All you do is remove the factory trigger … Continue reading

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XS XTI Express Threat Interdiction Sights Review

XS sights are highly rated and supplied as standard on selected firearms by famous manufaturers like Remington, Ruger and Springfield Armory. Now shooters with AR15 and other Picatinny-railed fore end equipped rifles can have a back up sighting system using … Continue reading

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Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit Review

Designed for repeatable hand placement and to prevent the shooter’s hand from touching the hot gas block or barrel or getting in front of the muzzle, theĀ  Magpul XTM Hand Stop Kit assists weapon control. The following items are included … Continue reading

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