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Rock River National Match Handguard Review

Several manufacturers have addressed the problem of how to keep an AR DCM legal and avoid having a tight sling exerting variable tension on your barrel leading to MPI shift. Rock River took the approach of having a two piece … Continue reading

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JP Enterprises PSC-11 Side and Rear Charging AR upper

JP Enterprises found they had a winner on their hands with their original, AR10 style .308 and .260″ rifles. On standard AR10 style rifles, the distance the rear charger had to be drawn was excessive and required a great deal … Continue reading

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Troy Industries Alpha Rails Review

The Troy Industries Alpha Rail is essentially a version of the Troy TRX Extreme that uses a new and easier installation process. Their new locking system does not require the removal of the AR’s barrel nut and replacement with one … Continue reading

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Magpul STR Stock Review

The Magpul STR buttstock, introduced in 2012 is a storage adapted version of their CTR (Compact/Type Restricted) stock. STR stands for Storage/Type Restricted. The ‘Restricted’ in the designation means this stock was designed for customers restricted from taking their buffer … Continue reading

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Battlecomp Enterprises Battlecomp

The revolutionary Battlecomp Enterprises Battlecomp is a compact compensator that reduces muzzle climb, dust signature and muzzle flash without making life highly unpleasant for you and adjacent shooters at the range. The muzzle climb reduction greatly facilitates rapid aimed fire. … Continue reading

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