Jard Remington 700 Trigger Kit Review

Jard Remington 700 Trigger Kit

Jard Remington 700 Trigger kit

The Jard Remington 700 trigger kit is an inexpensive, easy to install way way to upgrade an existing Remington 700 trigger to a match grade pull. The Jard Rem 700 trigger works by moving the sear engagement point to an exact location to increase leverage which decreases the trigger pull weight.  The Jard Remington 700 trigger kit is entirely steel and contains very few moving parts, making this a highly reliable unit for use in adverse conditions – particularly in sub zero temperatures. All mating surfaces are precision machined and polished to reduce drag to a minimum, ensuring a crisp, predictable let-off.  The Jard 700 trigger kit uses the factory trigger housing and safety and produces a match quality pull, adjusted using the factory screws for over-travel and sear engagement. This trigger is available in three versions. The V is available with a 9- or 14-ounce pull weight for match and varmint rifles. The H delivers a very crisp 28 oz. trigger pull for safe, but effective use  in hunting rifles.

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