Brownells Acraglas Review

Brownells Acraglas

Brownells Acraglas bedding compound

Brownells Acraglas glass bedding compound now includes brown and black dyes in an easy to use kit. Acraglas accurizes rifles by ensuring a perfect fit. Acraglas glass bedding actually strengthen’s your stock and prevents water ingress. It is impervious to acid or oil.  Acraglas glass bedding makes inletting easy and is used by some of America’s top match shooters.

Whilst Brownells Acraglas is so called glass bedding compound it’s primary purpose is to accurize rifles. Brownells’ files abound with before and after pictures of targets shot after accurizing with Acraglas.  You can learn more on Brownells’ own site.

Acraglas glass bedding was developed using aerospace technology, produced for an environment where failure is not an option. Brownells’ scientists took substances used in aerospace products and blended them to produce Acraglas, a substance uniquely suited to the need of shooters. Some of Acraglas’ features are as follows:

  1. Acraglas glass bedding only shrinks by less than 0.1% when hardening ensuring that even tiny imperfections in the metal are replicated in the bedding. You simply can’t get a tighter bedding job than acraglas will produce.
  2. Acraglas glass bedding is stronger than your stock, meaning that any material removed in inletting will not weaken the stock but actually strengthen it!
  3. Acraglas is proof against acid and resistant to alkalis.  It absolutely will not rot or deteriorate and has superior insulating qualities.
  4. Unlike many of the so-called “plastic glasses” it will not rot or deteriorate.years.
  5. Acraglas is extremely impact resistant and will not dent. Should it need repair you can easily fix your stock using Acraglas.  For these reasons Acraglas makes the perfect recoil shoulder.
  6. Acraglas glass bedding hardens by chemical reaction over a 48 hour period, although it can be safely worked before then. There is plenty of time to get your receiver correctly torqued down and no need to rush your bedding job.
  7. As Acraglas has a shelf life of over 5 years you can keep some by for repairs in the unlikely event that your bedding job needs them or still have a supply on hand for the next one. Retailers can stock Brownells Acraglas with confidence.
  8. Acraglas glass bedding has a truly excellent reputation among gun buffs, hunters and match shooters. Ask your shooting friends for their opinions on the product!
  9. Acraglas is completely impervious to oil and solvents and will protect your cherished walnut stock from chemicals that would otherwise marr and eventually ruin it.
  10. Acraglas can be used to repair almost anything except a few plastics. It will stick almost anything to anything. After you have used Acraglass you will start to find uses for it that you never dreamt of.  Brownells even have a customer who fixed a pair of false teeth with it!

Brownells make two kinds of release agent – Traditional and Non-Flammable.  Brownells release agent prevents Brownells Acraglass bonding to the barrel and action whilst letting it bond to the stock.  Both Traditional Release Agent and Non-Flammable Release agent share physical characteristics and have near identical drying times. Brownells Release Agents form a silky smooth layer with superior covering properties. Brownells Non-Flammable Release Agent has the great advantage of being legal to ship by air within the US and all over the World, so you can always get more sent to you in a hurry by Brownells.

Acraglas used on its own is amber-clear in color. Brownells supply acrylic dyes to help you match it to your stock, either wood or synthetic. The brown dye is a close match for “normal” walnut but if your stock is very light walnut or another light wood it may be better not to add the dye. White and Green are also available to suit other stock colors or camo jobs. Acraglas hardened to a slightly darker color than you will see when it is in the cup.  Some enthusiasts actually like to have the bedding a different color from the stock to show others they have performed a quality, professional bedding job.

Brownells pride themselves on the quality of their product and their instructions. Follow these closely and you WILL end up with a quality bedding job. Brownells are so confident you will do so that they warrant Acraglas 100%.

Check the price of Acraglas at Brownells, a name you can trust.

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