GPS02 Grip Pod Review

GPS02 Grip pod

GPS02 grip pod

The GPS02 Grip Pod has achieved universal adoption right across the US and British Armed forces. This is the most widely adopted weapon stabilization system in either country’s armies in history. The Grip Pod GPS02 is made of polymer with polymer covered stainless steel legs and only weighs 7 ounces which preserves weapon balance. The grip has hand filling, easily grasped contours that help you grasp the grip bipod in wet and slippery conditions. The actuator switch is flush mounted to prevent inadvertent operation. An easily actuated thumbscrew locks the bipod onto any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail easily for quick detachment and reattachment. A steel cross-bolt locks it securely in place. The pod grip is tall enough to allow a 30 round magazine on an AR-15 to clear the ground. The GPS-02┬ávertical grip bipod is 5.15″ long closed and 8.25″ deployed. With the legs deployed the fore grip┬ábipod is 7.25″ wide. The grip bipod itself is 1.75″ in diameter.

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