Magpul MVG MOE Vertical Grip review

Magpul MVG in dark earth

Magpul MVG in dark earth

The Magpul MVG Rail Vertical Grip is an inexpensive, ergonomically designed grip that keeps your supporting hand as close to the barrel as possible to aid control of the weapon. This grip is optimized to work with the “thumb break” hold, but is equally well suited to the traditional vertical grip stance. The grip is deeply grooved and stippled to ensure a firm hold in wet, slippery conditions. The immensely strong, chemically resistant polymer used in its manufacture is much kinder to the skin in very cold and hot conditions than aluminium and is available molded in dark earth, black, OD green and foliage green to suit differing theatres and operator preferences. The Magpul MVG is similar to the the Magpul RVG (Rail Vertical Grip) fore grip but is designed to fit the Magpul MOE fore end and that of the Bushmaster ACR Adaptive Combat Rifle.

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