SIG 522 Sights Review


Sig 522 sights

Sig 522 sights

The Samson Manufacturing SIG 522 sights are designed to fit the popular SIG 522 rifle which is normally supplied without sights. The SIG 522 front sights are used with any AR-15 back-up iron sight that mimics the height of the A2 backsight; for example the popular Magpul MBUS. It will not work with the SIG factory rearsight. The SIG 522 front sights come in two versions. One gives the familiar AR-15/M-16 sight picture. The other gives the H&K ‘circle within a circle’ sight picture for faster aiming. The sights are machined from 6061 T-6 aluminum and hard anodized black to match the finish of the rifle. They deploy with the push of a button and spring up. The spring mechanism of the SIG 522 BUIS locks into place and is protected from dust and dirt ingress. The post adjusts with the standard four prong AR-15/M-16 sight adjustment tool. The SIG 522 front sight is 1″ (2.5 cm.) long when deployed, 21⁄8″ (5.4cm) long when folded and 1¼” (3.18cm) wide.

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You may find this video on the Brownells AR15 hammer drop block of interest.

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