Magpul follower for USGI M-16 magazines

Magpul Gen III self levelling follower

Magpul Gen III self levelling follower

The Magpul follower is a drop-in replacement for the standard follower on USGI M-16 magazines. It features a molded polymer follower that will not tilt in operation preventing various kinds of failure to feed. Rectangular mouldings at the front and rear prevent any tilt under compression eliminating jams caused by over compression and binding of the spring. The AR follower is self-lubricating for easy loading and feeding and an extended bolt catch ensures last round hold open. This is Magpul’s third generation of M16 follower which incorporates several improvements. These include a spring stabilizer molded into the underside to center the spring forces regardless of the number of rounds loaded, rounded edges on the extensions for even smoother movement and a better ramp angle to aid chambering.

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