AR-15 Quick Detach Redi-Mag Review

Red-mag quick detach

The Quick Detach version of the Boonie Packer Redi-Mag

The Boonie Packer Quick-Detach Redi-Mag is a simple way to have an additional magazine on your AR for an instant reload. The Gen 2 Redi-Mag body is made of steel phosphated to match the appearance of the AR-15 rifle. An polymer Bolt Catch Extension or BCE enables you to release the bolt by slapping the side of the Redi-Mag. This system is much more reliable than improvised methods like taping two magazines together. As there is an independent release for each magazine the system is very flexible and allows for tactical reloads. The top of the Redi-Mag is enclosed to protect the rounds from rain, dirt and sand and to prevent the top round from being released under impact. This is the Generation 2 Redi-Mag with improvements to the original. No alterations to the weapon are necessary. This is the quick detach version of the Redi-Mag Рit is also available in a non-quick detach version. Note that the Redi-Mag is designed for forged AR-15, M-4 and M-16 lowers. It will not fit some billet lowers.

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You may find this video on Brownells AR15 chamber brushes interesting.


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