Accuracy International 5 round .300 Winmag Magazine Review

AI 5 round .300 Win magazine

AI 5 round .300 Win magazine

The legendary Accuracy International rifles have taken the West’s militaries by storm. To make this technology avaliable to civilians at an affordable price, they created the Accuracy International Chassis System or AICS for Remington 700 rifles. This comes in long and short action versions. The long action is dedicated to the .300 Winchester Magnum (.300 Winmag or .300 Win) cartridge. The 5 round AI .300 Winmag magazine is steel with a tempered steel spring and self-lubricating polymer follower for complete reliability. The AICS magazines are held in high regard by the military, law enforcement and sports shooters around the World and form the basis or other companies magazine conversions for the Remington 700. For example those marketed by Surgeon Rifles and Badger Ordnance.

This magazine has the AI Part No. 0479 and will fit both long action AICS and AW/AWM rifles chamberd for .300 Winchester Magnum.

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