Beta C Mag Review

Beta C Mag

Beta C Mag (complete set)

The 100 round Beta C Mag gives you unrivalled firepower in an AR, M-4 or M-16. Great for plinking sessions with inexpensive surplus military ammunition. The magazine takes 5.56mm and rounds using the same case. The C Mag gives even weight distribution for a well balanced, relatively compact weapon that’s easy to shoot. The C Mag has a composite polymer body and can be supplied with either an opaque rear or a transparent rear window enabling you to see how many rounds remain.

Beta C mag front

Beta C Mag (front)

The mag is loaded via a tool (included) into which you place five rounds at a time. This stacks the rounds and alternately loads a round into each drum. The C Mag uses steel hardward and aluminum feed rails for long life and reliability. The Beta C Mag comes with two tubes of graphite lube for the best possible feeding and a snap-on cover that will prevent dirt entering the magazine from the follower end.

Beta C Mag rear

Beta C Mag (rear)

A heavy-duty nylon magazine pouch is supplied with the Beta C magazine which attaches to a web belt and also has compartments for the loading tool and graphite tubes. The C Mag is 2 5⁄8″ (6.7cm) long, 10” (25.4cm) wide, 4” (10.2cm) high. 2.24 lb. (1kg) weight. 

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