Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0 Review

Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0 Review

Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0 for rifles with mid length piston gas systems

The Daniel Defense Omega Rail 9.0 is a free-floating quad rail system for mid length piston gas systems with the standard front sight base. The rail is precision engineered from 6061 T-6 aluminum, Type III hard anodized to match the finish of most AR15 receivers. It is designed with additional clearance for the gas piston and a removable top rail to enable access for inspection and maintenance. No permanent modifications to the weapon are necessary and the AR piston rail can be installed in minutes.


You can install the Omega mid-length rail without removing the gas block employing a flat head-screwdriver and hex key (included). Four Allen-head screws tighten against the barrel nut to lock the rail rock solidly. The Daniel Defense Omega Rail combines with the flat-top of the mid-length rifle to provide a gread deal of space for flexibility in the mounting of optics.  The combination of four rails gives you the option of mounting fore-grips, bipods, lasers etc. The rail slots are marked alphanumerically to enable replacement of optics without loss of zero. There are plenty of ventilation cuts on the Omega quad rail to keep the weight down and keep the barrel and piston assembly cool. The Omega Rail 9.0 has receptacles for push-button QD sling swivels with built-in rotation limiters. The Omega rail is approximately 83⁄8″ (21.3cm) long. Top Rail – 9″ (22.9cm) long. 9.6 oz. (273g) wt.. The entire assembly weighs 8 oz. (226g). All fixings, Allen wrench and instructions are included. This rail is also available in 7.0 carbine and 12.0 rifle versions.

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