LT Gen 3M AR Folding Stock

The AR platform has a disadvantage over most other modern non-bullpup rifles in that it’s stock contains a buffer tube that makes making a folding version very difficult. For decades no folding stocks were available. Law Tactical then came out with their take on a folding stock for the AR platform. The Law Tactical AR folding stock has now been through three generations. The latest generation, the LT Gen 3M AR Folding Stock has significant improvements. Firstly, the hinge position has been lowered, preventing potential fouling of the operating handle. Secondly a smaller hinge is used. The internal spacer is now round preventing interference with the buffer retaining pin and has replaceable O-rings making fitting easy. Lastly the hinge and its locking mechanism are now made of steel making the unit much stronger. Strong enough that you can take one emergency shot with the stock folded without fear of breaking the rifle.



The AR folding stock enables you to carry a 10” carbine easily on a motorcycle or when hiking in a back pack. It turns the AR SBR into a more practical proposition for everyday use but can also reduce the length of long barreled ARs significantly. It will work on both commercial and mil spec 5.56×45, 7.62×39 and 7.62×51 AR platforms. The hinge is adjustable and parts replaceable to prevent any chance of wobble developing and locking in either position is very secure.


You can source the LT Gen 3M AR Folding stock from Brownells a name you can trust.


You may find this video, explaining fitting and function of the LT folding stock interesting.

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