Magpul PRS Stock Review

Magpul PRS stock black

Magpul PRS stock (black)

Now in its second generation, the Magpul PRS stock is the adjustable stock for the AR series rifle. It has seen extensive service in Iraq and Afghanistan on Designate Marksman Rifles and has not been found wanting.  Fully adjustable in both comb height and length of pull, the Magpul PRS is simply installed in rifles equipped with the standard A1/A2 fixed buffer tubes without the A2 spacer. Adjustment uses positively locking detentes that will not move unintentionally. All mounting hardware is provided. The butt plate is aluminum and is fitted with a non-slip rubber butt plate an extended version of which can be purchased.

Magoul PRS stock in Dark Earth

Magpul PRS stock (dark earth)

The adjustment knobs are machined aluminum and the adjustment shafts are alloy steel to resist impact and shock. The base has a cover which can be slid off to reveal a Picatinny accessory rail onto which a monopod can be mounted. Sling attachment is facilitated by removable 1 1⁄4″ loops on either side of the stock or a swivel may be mounted on the bottom accessory rail. This stock is available in versions to suit the AR-15, M-16 or Mk 12 in black, dark earth, olive green and foliage green. A .308 AR specific version of the Magpul PRS is currently only available in black and differs in its charging handle clearance. Existing AR/M-16 PRS stocks can be converted to AR-10 compatible configuration – contact Magpul’s technical department for information.

Magpul PRS stock OD green

Magpul PRS stock (OD green)

This stock is fairly heavy at 1 lb. 12 oz., but this can help counterbalance long, heavy profile barrels and front mounted accessories. L.O.P. adjusts from 13-1⁄4″ (33.6cm) to 14-1⁄2″ (36.8cm). That equates to lengthening the pull of an A2 stock by 0.75″ or shortening it by 0.25″. Comb height of the PRS butt stock can be raised 1″ (2.5cm). The comb does not restrict movement of the charging handle. This stock is recommended for 0.50 BMG use and is immensely strong.

Magpul PRS stock .308 version

Magpul PRS stock (.308 version)

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You may find this video of the Brownells AR15 piston conversion kit of interest!

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