Magpul STR Stock Review

Magpul STR Stock

Magpul STR Stock

The Magpul STR buttstock, introduced in 2012 is a storage adapted version of their CTR (Compact/Type Restricted) stock. STR stands for Storage/Type Restricted. The ‘Restricted’ in the designation means this stock was designed for customers restricted from taking their buffer tubes off for installation as required for installation of Magpul’s UBR stock, i.e. some law enforcement and most military users.

The STR is longer extended than the MOE and, with its optional buttpads, gives a longer length of pull. However, if used with the VLTOR A5 recoil system which uses a buffer tuber 0.75″ longer than mil-spec, it gets you almost 1″ closer to the weapon with the stock all the way closed than with the VLTOR stock which has an airspace. This can make a big difference, for example with body armor. There is a lip or shelf under the bottom/rear of the stock’s A-frame that provides a better support than the straight edge on the CTR. The STR adds two waterproof battery storage tubes which also give the benefit of improved cheek weld. Each of these can hold two AA or CR123 batteries. These are accessible from the rear with the stock in any position.

The Magpul STR retains the CTR’s tried and tested locking mechanism with a release lever shielded from accidental impact inside the stock. This stock, like the CTR, is very rigid when deployed utilizing Magpul’s friction locking system to prevent wobble. A premium chrome-silicon lock spring is used to maximize the stock’s working life.

Magpul always pay a lot of attention to sling mounting with their stocks. Compatible with the ASAP Ambidextrous Sling Attachment Point, the STR stock incorporates two sling loops on its left and right side and a single, reversible Type 1 quick-detach sling attachment point for which you will need to purchase the QD sling loop separately. A Type 2 ambidextrous version is available as an optional extra.

The 0.30″ non-slip butt pad is replaceable and 0.55″ and 0.70″ versions are available.

The Magpul STR is available in models to suit either Mil-spec or commercial diameter carbine buffer tubes. Both are available in black, flat dark earth or OD green and foliage green.

  • Length: 7.30″
  • Width (maximum): 2.58″
  • Length of Pull on M4 adjustment range: 3.25″
  • Length of Pull on M4 collapsed: 11.10″
  • Length of Pull on M4 extended: 14.35″
Magpul STR Stock

Magpul STR Stock

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