MDT TAC-21 Chassis Review

MDT TAC-21 Remington 700 chassis

MDT TAC-21 Remington 700 chassis

The MDT TAC-21 is a chassis system for the Remington 700 bolt action rifle. It gives the Remington 700 AR15 like ergonomics and versatility of accessory placement. There is an integral 20 MoA Picatinny rail along the entire top of the action housing. The rail along the fore-end is parallel to the barrel, not sloping.

MDT TAC-21 chassis system

MDT TAC-21 components

The TAC-21 takes any AR15 or M16 stock or pistol grip and uses AICS style .223 or .308 magazines.

There are threaded mounting points on the fore end to take Magpul L3 (7 slot) or L5 (11 slot) Picatinny rail sections. The whole unit is engineered to impart the least possible stress to the rifle action and none at all to the barrel. The unit only touches the receiver on the V-profile bedding and the recoil lug area.

MDT TAC21 right hand side


The chassis can be bedded, but it is not strictly necessary. The fore end allows barrel diameters of up to 1.35″, enabling almost any Remington 700 barrel profile to be used. The TAC-21 is machined from 6061 T6 aluminum and mil-spec hard anodized. It weighs 3lb 0.5 oz.

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You may find this video on the Wilson AR15 tactical bolt release of interest:

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