Tapco SKS Compliance Kit Review

Tapco SKS Compliance Kit

Tapco SKS Compliance Kit – basic version

The Tapco SKS Compliance Kit has been designed to assist you to reduce the number of 922(r) listed foreign made parts in your SKS carbine to ten or less. The US made compliance parts contained in the kit are as follows:

  • Intrafuse Stock (with sling loop)
  • SAW style Pistol Grip (with storage)
  • Handguard

In doing so, the kit converts your SKS into much more compact package for ease of storage, particularly in vehicles. This is accomplished without gunsmithing or any permanent alterations to your weapon. The kit is made of a lightweight, very rugged synthetic composite for years of service. The Tapco SKS Compliance Kit will fit any SKS, although the Model D will require a small modification to the stock. Like most AR buttstocks, the one included features six positions to give a variable length of pull to allow for shooter physique and clothing varying with the seasons.

The Tapco SKS Compliance Kit is made in various versions to suit SKS carbines with or without folding bayonets. You can also opt for a Picatinny railed handguard for optics mounting and/or another rail beneath the fore end for pistol grips and/or bipods.

Tapco SKS Compliance Kit

Tapco SKS Compliance Kit – with top and bottom Picatinny rails.

Purchase a Tapco SKS Compliance Kit at Brownells, a name you can trust.

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