VLTOR M1A Stock Review

VLTOR M1A stock

VLTOR M1A stock in matte black

The VLTOR M1A stock is intended for both Springfield M1A, M1A SOCOM II and USGI M14 rifles and is available in versions with and without the selector cut out. The VLTOR CAS14 railed handguard system was selected by Springfield Armory as the rail interface system for their M1A SOCOM II carbine. They rechristened it the Springfield Cluster Rail. VLTOR have now introduced an M1A Modstock to match the CAS14 and bring the M1A into the 21st Century.

VLTOR M1A stock

VLTOR M1A stock in Flate Dark Earth (tan)

The VLTOR M14 stock is easy to install and greatly improves its handling qualities. The stock is essentially a USGI fiberglass stock with a machined aluminum adapter. This has an AR syle receiver extension/buffertube which is fitted with the VLTOR EMod stock. The adapter is cleverly designed to allow one inch of vertical adjustment which enables the use of iron sights or optics. The molded polymer EMod stock is a “clubfoot” stock that supports conventional or “bazooka” style holds and has no less than three waterproof battery or spares compartment. Two of these are removable saddle type compartments that can each hold three AA or two CR123 batteries. The other is a trapdoor type in the bottom of the stock which can hold a further two AA batteries. There is a molded in sling loop in the top rear of the comb and a receptacle for an ambidextrous push button sling swivel. There are five length of pull settings from 10½” to 14″.

VLTOR EMOD in Flat Dark Earth (tan)

VLTOR EMOD in Flat Dark Earth (tan)

The stock offers great cheek weld and handling and the fore end, butt and pistol grip are aggressively textured to ensure a firm hold. The pistol grip has yet another storage compartment for small items and is sealed by a rubber cap. As the SOCOM 16 stock extension doesn’t hold a buffer spring, it contains yet another storage compartment that can take a cleaning kit. The butt has a removable, half inch thick rubber pad and an aluminum strike plate. As the M1A VLTOR stock is designed to take the Springfield Cluster Rail or VLTOR CAS14 handguard, this stock does not have a forward sling swivel. The VLTOR M1A SOCOM stock is available in Black or Flat Dark Earth (tan).

Note that there may be problems fitting the VLTOR M1A stock to Match, Heavy Barrel, Additional/Improved Bedding Lug, M21 and M25 type rifles. You need to speak to VLTOR or a qualified gunsmith before purchasing.

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You may find this video on Brownells reproduction of the M1907 sling interesting.


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