Geissele Trigger (High-Speed Service, High-Speed Match and High Speed DMR) Review

Geissele high speed trigger

Geissele high speed trigger

The Geissele trigger has an enviable reputation for excellent, reliable performance in ARs, including .308s. This is a two-stage trigger with a very precise “icicle sharp” break and very fast lock time to give the best possible accuracy. The first stage weight is set by bending he legs of the trigger spring. The second stage weight is set by turning an adjustment screw and overtravel is adjusted by another screw. A lightweight hammer reduces the factory lock time of the Geissele trigger by 50% and uses the standard weight hammer spring to ensure reliable ignition of .308 primers. Comfort is increased by positioning the trigger shoe 1/8″ farther forward than factory shoe. EDM cutting is used to achieve the precise dimensions required. This Geissele trigger is available in both small (0.154″) and large (0.169″) pin formats. The small pin models come with a spare hammer pin to enable fitting on receivers with slightly oversize pin holes. There are three models of the Geissele High-speed trigger in each pin size:

Geissele Service model: This delivers a nominal 4½ lb. pull weight required for NRA High Power Service Rifle competition. The Geissele Service trigger is also approved for CMP-sanctioned competitions. Most of the pull weight is loaded on the first stage, followed by a quick, clean second-stage break. First stage, 3.2 to 5 lb.; second stage, ½ to 1½ lb.

Geissele Match model: This has a very low combined pull weight for superb trigger control on highly modified raceguns used in unlimited NRA High Power Rifle competition. The Geissele Match trigger is designed to give you the competitive edge that a very high degree of trigger control required in formal target or varmint shooting can provide. First stage, 1.3 to 3 lbs.; second stage, 4 oz. to 14 oz.

Geissele Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) model: This has the light first stage of the Match trigger and the heavier Service second stage to reduce risk of premature release in high stress situations. The Geissele DMR trigger is ideal for for precision tactical and competitive shooting where trigger pull is not regulated. It enables a high rate of semi-auto fire; an experienced shooter can fire 30 rounds in as little as 4½ seconds. First stage, 1.3 to 3 lbs.; second stage, ½ to 1½ lbs.

Note that a special, Close Quarter Battle Oriented Trigger – the Geissele SSA/SSF, is also available. There is now an enhanced version of this, the Geissele SSA-E.

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This video will explain how to install an aftermarket trigger on an AR15.

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