Jewell Remington 700 Trigger Review

Jewell Remington 700 trigger

Jewell Remington 700 and 40X trigger

The Rolls-Royce of rifle triggers!  All internal parts of the Jewell Remington 700 trigger are CNC machined from 440 stainless steel and heat treated to RC 58 for maximum longevity.  The housing is 300 series stainless steel 0.050″ (1.2 mm) thick.  The This patented unit provides the exceptional performance required for benchrest, varmint, sniping and other precision shooting.  Nylon inserts in the Jewell Rem 700 trigger ensure adjustments stay put under recoil and vibration without using locking compounts.  The Single-stage Rem 700 design can be adjusted for length and weight of pull and overtravel without removing the stock. The Remington Hunter Varmint Rifle (RHVR) offers a 1.5 oz. to 48 oz. trigger pull and includes top lever safety and bottom bolt release. Fits Remington 700/40x rifles, right-hand actions only. Remington Bench Rest (BR) is adjustable from 1 to 3 oz. and is intended exclusively for target and bench rest shooting.  It does not include a safety or bolt release. Fits Remington 700/40x rifles, right-hand and left-hand actions.

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