Shilen Remington 700 Standard Trigger Review

Shilen Remington 700 Standard trigger

The Shilen Remington 700 standard trigger for Remington 700, 40X and 100XP.

The Shilen Remington 700 Standard trigger is a match grade unit which will also fit the 40X rifle and XP100 pistol. The Shilen std. trigger offers full adjustment of weight of pull, sear engagement and overtravel. The Remington 700 trigger offers a crisp, light trigger pull, adjustable from 1½ to 3 lb., that will yield the maximum accuracy from your rifle. Unlike some competitors’ units the adjustments, undertaken via allen head set screws, are locked down by hex nuts that won’t move even under the fiercest recoil. Heat treatment and polishing add to the smooth, quality feel of the unit in use. This is a very simple unit to install, secured in place by two pins, just like the factory unit. With older Remington 700s you will need to reinstall the factory safety.  Requires original factory safety. For recent rifles with the Mark X pro trigger the customer will need to order 767-000-858 and 758-000-011 from Brownells as the factory Remington safety will not fit.  The Shilen Rem 700 Std trigger is available in both blued and stainless steel to suit your rifle’s construction and finish.

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