Wilson Combat AR Tactical Trigger Unit Review

Wilson Combat AR tactical trigger

Wilson Combat AR tactical trigger unit

The Wilson Combat AR Tactical Trigger Unit is a drop in fit on any mil-spec small-pin AR-15. It delivers a crisp, 4 lb. pull when fitted and requires no gunsmithing, adjustment or tuning. The 4 lb. pull was selected to provide safety in tactical, hunting and competition situations but be light enough to give bolt-action trigger control and accuracy with a very clean break when required. The Wilson Combat AR Tactical Trigger has minimum overtravel and a very rapid reset for fast, accurate fire. A very fast lock time is ensured by lightweight components and improved hammer geopmetry. A hard strike ensures reliable ignition even on the hardest military ignition. To ensure The Wilson AR Trigger meets military drop-safety requrements a secondary “rescue” sear is fitted to catch the hammer should the primary sear fail. The units working parts are CNC machined from steel with hardened tool steel used for the hammer, sear and trigger body. The contact surfaces are precision-ground for smooth operation in protracted, hard use. The unit is contained in a strong aluminium housing for light weight and comes with two 0.154″ pins and installation instructions. The Wilson Combat AR Tactical Trigger is available in two versions:

TR-TTU – This is a single stage trigger with absolutely no take-up and a very clean, crisp break.

TR-TTU-M2 – This is a “semi” two-stage, match-grade trigger. It employs a short first stage to sense sear engagement, followed by a clean second-stage release. This unit is intended for use in high stress tactical situations.

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This video will show you how to fit a drop-in trigger unit on an AR15.

Full disclosure: If you purchase from Brownells I will be paid a small commission. This will help keep this site online and will not affect your purchase price. Thank you!

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