Stag Arms Left Handed AR Upper and Components

Left handed AR upper and bolt carrier

Left handed AR upper and bolt carrier

One in five of us is left handed. Later ARs incorporate a spent case deflector to enable Southpaws to use them, but obviously the ideal would be to have a true left hand AR. Stag Arms have created everything you need to make a left hand ejecting AR rifle or carbine. All parts of the Stag Arms left handed AR-15 upper are mirror imaged from the mil-spec right handed component with 0.25″ pivot pin holes. The receiver is forged from ultra strong 7075 T-6 aluminum and has the forward assist on the left. The dust cover operates exactly as per a right handed AR. The Stag Arms left hand AR has a 13 slot MIL-STD 1913 rail providing 5″ for optics and accessories mounting and etched numbers to ensure you return the optic to the same slot after removal. The entire 8620 steel bolt carrier assembly is designed for left handed operation in a left handed receiver and is chrome lined and phosphated black for long life and easy cleaning. The left handed AR upper also comes with an M-4 style ambidextrous barrel extension which works with either left or right handed bolts. This unit does require gunsmith installation.

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An upper receiver cleaning kit makes getting rid of stubborn deposits easy. Check out this video on Brownells’ upper receiver cleaning kit.

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