JP Enterprises PSC-11 Side and Rear Charging AR upper

JP Enterprises Side Charging AR upper

JP Enterprises Side Charging AR upper

JP Enterprises found they had a winner on their hands with their original, AR10 style .308 and .260″ rifles. On standard AR10 style rifles, the distance the rear charger had to be drawn was excessive and required a great deal of strength due to the powerful recoil springs on those rifles. It was also too easy to bend the charging handle, rendering your weapon inoperable. JP got around this with their L1A1/Imperial FAL style side charging system which had the added advantage of letting you maintain cheek weld through the charging cycle. JP then found they had so much interest in a 5.56mm version that they decided to bring one out in the smaller AR15 format. These rifles had dedicated lowers and the uppers were not compatible with existing ARs, excluding JP from the retrofit upper market. Not everyone was totally sold on the side charging concept and some wanted to retain a rear charging handle. JP listened to these customers and introduced the JP PSC-11 Side Charging AR upper which would fit mil-spec AR15s and retained the rear charging handle for those that wanted this facility.


  • Includes side and rear charging
  • Comes with ejection port cover and supporting hardware
  • Fitted with forward assist
  • Choice of JP low mass or full mass bolt carrier
  • Complete with JP enhanced bolt group
  • The JP enhanced bolt is CNC machined from a billet of SAE9310 nickel chromium molybdenum steel
  • All 90 degree corners on the locking lugs are meticulously radiused
  • Side charging handle removable for cleaning and maintenance
  • Side charging handle engages the bolt carrier on the front side, opposite the extractor
  • Low mass bolt carrier machined from 416 stainless steel with a polished black QPQ finish
  • For competition use the  low mass carrier is recommended and should be used with the JP low mass recoil buffer, speed hammer, and reduced power spring kit
  • Low mass bolt carrier does not function with the forward assist
  • Full mass bolt carrier features increased bearing surfaces and is also constructed of 416 stainless steel, with a polished black QPQ finish
  • Full mass carrier functions with the forward assist
  • Both carriers are of AR15, semi-auto configuration rather than M16 type
  • Upper receiver is precision machined from billet aluminum
  • The PSC-11 is compatible with any mil-spec lower receiver


  • The PSC-11 gives you the benefits of both traditional AR an Imperial FAL type side charging systems
  • Side charging handle is not obstructed by optics and is easier to access when the rifle is held in the aim
  • No loss of cheekweld when charging the rifle
  • Very smooth cycling and charging thanks to precision machined and finished components
  • The PSC-11 Side and Rear Charging AR upper is a drop in unit that can be installed in seconds
  • JP enhanced bolt is designed for a service life of up to 60,000 rounds
JP Enterprises Side Charging AR upper

JP Enterprises Side Charging AR upper

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